Self Service Laundry featuring Ozone in San Diego, CA

The Soapy Ferret is the FIRST laundromat in San Diego to install the ArtiClean Ozone system.  

After visiting our laundromat or getting your Wash & Fold laundry returned, you may notice that your clothes are cleaner, smell better, and are softer than ever before.

That's because the Ozone-Sanitization System:
- Kills viruses, bacteria, and mold
- Softens your clothes
- Extends fabric life
- Removes odors
- Keeps your clothes smelling fresh
- Cleans the machine before your wash
- Sanitizes your laundry

Ozone is considered to be Nature's Disinfectant. It has a distinct sweet smell, similar to a summer rainstorm, because lightning is one of the ways natures produces Ozone.

Industry-leading hospitals disinfect garments using Ozone and now The Soapy Ferret sanitizes every wash with Ozone too. We hope you enjoy the fresh smell, the soft to the touch feeling, and the health benefits Ozone provides.

NOTE: Please select COLD water wash to achieve the full benefits of Ozone wash.