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​The Soapy Ferret Reviews & Testimonials

The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us.  Please read some of our reviews.

I'm new to the area and was looking for a spot to do my laundry. I saw this place, parking looked a little limited but at the time I went this was not an issue. The machines and everything worked properly and at expectations. The reason though I'm rating this as high as I am is due to the attendant on duty. She saw I looked a little lost and provided me with suggestions on which machines to use based on me having both my bedding and clothing with me. And in general, during my entire time there I saw her at work taking care of the laundromat and whenever I crossed paths, she made me feel very welcome there. I'll definitely be coming back.
I've lived here for a few years and in all my time people around the community have been pretty friendly and washing my clothes here has been efficient and affordable. I appreciate the convenience and their efforts to remodel the place. The atmosphere here never seems to change here. This is most likely, "A convenient place to wash your clothes when your local laundromat is a hassle."
I visit here because the washers and dryers are dependable, big enough for comforters and I can wash lots of clothes without waiting. I live near by and my complex laundry room is not dependable so I drive here for convenience. This laundry mat is very clean and there has always been an employee working diligently when I am here.
Had to find a dryer fast and this place was nearby. Very clean and dryer was large and quickly dried a large amount of clothing in half an hour.
My go-to laundromat!
Everyday they are remodeling the laundry and it is looking very good. It feels safe to wash. And clean.
I like it A's like my house... I have 20 years washing second home.
Awesome customer service! Very good service!
Excellent facilities.