Commercial Laundry & Linen Cleaning Services in San Diego, CA & Surrounding Areas

The Soapy Ferret specializes in commercial laundry service including linen cleaning, hotel laundry, and more. 

If you need your business laundry washed and folded, we can do it!  We provide pickup and will deliver your laundry back to you the next delivery day.  The price of commercial laundry is by bid only.  Pricing depends on the quantity of laundry, how often you need it washed, and how easy or difficult it is to fold.  If you would like a price quote for your commercial laundry, please email us at or call (858) 547-8812.   

Commercial Linen Cleaning Services for Hotels, Motels, Airbnb, VRBO and Home Away

The Soapy Ferret provides hotel laundry service.  We wash, dry, and fold linens and towels for small hotels and motels.  We also provide clean linens to Airbnb, VRBO, Home Away, Vacation Rentals, and Bed & Breakfasts.  We will pick up the dirty linens and return them on our next delivery day.  San Diego is a vacation destination.  Your job is renting out rooms and homes.  Our job is to make your job easier by washing and folding the linens.

Commercial Laundry Service for Hair Salons, Nail Salons, & Massage Parlors

The Soapy Ferret offers linen cleaning service for the beauty industry.  Hair salons and barber shops have us wash their towels and capes.  Nail salons have us wash their towels.  We wash sheets and towels for massage therapists.  We wash many towels for pet groomers!  Along with that, gyms, spas, and yoga studios call us to wash their towels.  If we do the laundry, you can spend your time building your business.  We'll even pick up your laundry from your business.

Commercial Laundry Service for Hospitals, Clinics, Chiropractors, Doctor's Offices & More

We also provide laundry services hospitals, dentist offices, doctor's offices, chiropractic offices, and clinics.  We wash sheets and towels for these facilities.  We wash your white jackets and your scrubs.  We also wash pillowcases and towels for physical therapists.  The Soapy Ferret also does laundry for veterinarians and vet hospitals.  

Commercial Laundry Service for Golf Courses and Uniforms

We provide commercial laundry services to golf courses.  We wash uniforms for the golf courses and whatever other laundry needs to be done. We also do uniforms for high school sports.  We are experts in getting grass stains out of football uniforms!

Commercial Laundry Service for Body Shops

Body shops use The Soapy Ferret to clean the rags and uniforms for their employees.

Call us for a bid, email or fill out this form and we will get in touch with you ASAP.  We'd love to do your laundry.